The Ministry of Agriculture and Livestock Development, State Department for Livestock Development, has announced multiple job vacancies at the Dairy Training Institute.

They are inviting applications for 37 positions on a casual/contract basis.

This presents a remarkable opportunity for individuals seeking employment in the agricultural sector and a chance to gain valuable experience within a dynamic work environment.

The available vacancies encompass a diverse range of roles:

  1. Artisans – Plumber, Masonry, and Electrician: The institute is seeking skilled professionals in plumbing, masonry, and electrical work to contribute to the maintenance and development of their facilities.
  2. Cateress: The ministry is in search of an experienced cateress who can provide nutritious and appetizing meals to staff and students.
  3. Chef: If you possess culinary expertise and creative flair in the kitchen, this position offers an exciting opportunity to showcase your skills within the institute.
  4. Cleaning Assistant: The cleanliness and hygiene of the institute are of utmost importance. The ministry is hiring cleaning assistants to ensure a clean and organized environment for all.
  5. Grounds Men: Individuals with landscaping and groundskeeping experience are encouraged to join the team and help maintain the institute’s grounds.
  6. Cook: Passionate cooks can make a significant contribution by joining as cooks and preparing delicious meals for the institute’s community.
  7. DCIL Hostel Front Office Manager: This role requires individuals skilled in customer service and administration to ensure a smooth and welcoming experience for hostel guests.
  8. Farm Attendant: The ministry is seeking individuals who love animals and possess hands-on experience in farm operations to assist in the care and management of livestock.
  9. Herders: Experienced individuals in herding and livestock handling are invited to contribute to the day-to-day management of livestock at the institute.
  10. Institute Nurse: A qualified nurse is needed to provide healthcare services to the staff and students, prioritizing their well-being.
  11. Library Assistant: Individuals passionate about books and organizing information can contribute to the learning environment by joining as library assistants.
  12. Office Assistant: This role involves providing administrative support and assistance to various departments within the institute.
  13. Plant Operator: Individuals experienced in operating and maintaining machinery and equipment will play a crucial role in the institute’s operations.
  14. Receptionist: The ministry is looking for a dedicated receptionist who will be the face of the institute, greeting visitors, handling inquiries, and providing excellent customer service.
  15. Supply Chain Assistant: Those with experience in procurement and supply chain management are encouraged to apply, as they will be responsible for ensuring a smooth flow of goods and services within the institute.

Interested candidates are requested to submit their applications to the Registrar no later than May 25th, 2023. New applicants should include copies of academic documents, a national identity card, and any other relevant testimonials. Shortlisted applicants will be invited for an interview to further assess their suitability for the positions.

This is an exceptional opportunity to contribute to the Ministry of Agriculture and Livestock Development’s efforts in promoting agricultural and livestock development. Joining the Dairy Training Institute will allow individuals to make a significant impact within the agricultural sector.

Vacancies Open at Dairy Training Institute (39 Positions)
Vacancies Open at Dairy Training Institute (39 Positions)

Vacancies Open at Dairy Training Institute (39 Positions)