Gov’t To Conduct Annual Training of Parents on CBC Changes

Gov’t To Conduct Annual Training of Parents on CBC Changes


Gov’t To Conduct Annual Training of Parents on CBC Changes,

If the government decides to implement the proposals that were made by the Presidential Working Party on Education Reform, then parents will be required to participate in an annual training session that will be oriented upon the Competency-Based Curriculum (CBC).

The group that Prof. Raphael Munavu was leading made the suggestion that the Ministry of Education and the Kenya Institute of Curriculum Development (KICD) should take on the task of teaching parents, carers, guardians, and community members about their vital roles in the educational journey of their children.

Munavu and his team emphasize the necessity of training as a major approach to ensuring the active engagement of stakeholders in the successful implementation of the CBC curriculum. This is emphasized in the full report that was presented to President William Ruto on August 1st. Munavu and his team are responsible for writing this report.

The report on education reforms has been given to President Ruto.
At State House in Nairobi on the first of August in 2023, President William Ruto is presented with the CBC report that was prepared by the Presidential Working Party on Education Reforms.
The task force, which was driven by the concerns stated by parents, underlines in particular that the proposal originates from a desire to address the popular opinion that parents need to be more active in the educational pursuits of their children. This view is that parents need to be more involved in their children’s educational pursuits.

“Also, the perspectives of the various stakeholders suggested that learners were largely being denied the ability to participate in other activities at home due to the presence of take-home tasks.

In another portion of the report, it was said that “it was also observed that parents perceived that teachers were demanding more items than was required for learning.”

One of the recommendations for change that came from the task force focused on increasing the level of digital literacy possessed by parents, as they are frequently called upon to assist their children with their homework. However, some parents have complained about the time commitment required of these activities, seeing it as a source of frustration.

As a response to this, the task force advocates for parents to acquire digital devices and obtain training on how to successfully assist their children with their homework, rather than merely offering support to their children. This is in contrast to the previous practice of simply offering assistance.

“It was found that the majority of parents did not have access to the internet or digital devices such as smartphones to assist students in their online information search. The study highlighted the finding that “We reported that the cost of downloading and printing learning materials was beyond the reach of a significant number of parents.”

In addition, the group is working toward the goal of ensuring that each and every educator participates in ongoing professional development opportunities throughout the school year.

According to the research, it is critical for educators to receive updated training on new curricular components as they become available.

The study states, in part, that the Ministry of Education would be tasked with developing guidelines about how an obligatory one-year retooling and upgrading program for compliance with the curriculum change will be implemented for all instructors who graduated prior to the year 2023.

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