Cheaper Degree Programs at Multiple Universities

Cheaper Degree Programs at Multiple Universities,

Cheaper Degree Programs at Multiple Universities

KUCCPS, Cheaper Degree Programs at Multiple Universities

Affordable Degree Programs at Multiple Universities through KUCCPS

Affordable Degree Programs in Multiple Universities through KUCCPS. After months of anticipation, the Kenya Universities and Colleges Central Placement Service (KUCCPS) has launched the application portal, enabling 2022 KCSE applicants to apply and modify their chosen university programs.

Candidates for the KCSE are eligible for both government loans and scholarships if they choose public universities, but solely government loans if they choose private universities.

30 private colleges and 39 public universities are eligible for Higher Educations and Loan Board (HELB) loans, according to the KUCCPS portal. The Ministry of Education’s 189 public colleges are eligible for HELB loans and grants.

Seven TVET (technical and vocational education and training) programs were picked in contrast.

Bachelor of Business

One of the most sought-after degrees for selecting candidates for business management positions is the B.COM. To pass the threshold for cluster points, one needs an average of C and an arithmetic grade of A or B.

Pan Africa Christian University has a total cost of attendance of Ksh312,000 every semester, with Management University of Africa having the lowest tuition of Ksh78,600.

The cost of the course at Lukenya University is Ksh86,200; at Mount Kenya University, Ksh105; at Zetech University, Ksh130,600; and at Gretsa University, Ksh132,000.

On the other side, the course costs Ksh220,150 for the first academic year.

Education Bachelor of Arts

The Kiriri Womens University of Science and Technology charges Ksh82,350 as the lowest tuition rate for this course. The identical course is provided at Kisii University for Ksh283,135. The details were made available to the public when the portal began.

The tuition at KCA University is Ksh88,540, compared to Ksh15,000 at Mount Kenya University. The curriculum at Kenyatta University costs Ksh183,600 per year in tuition.


Daystar University’s Bachelor of Law degree has the highest tuition rate at Ksh335,000 when compared to Mount Kenya University, where it costs Ksh170,000.

The most cheap rates are provided by Chuka University, Kenyatta University, and Maseno at Ksh183,000, Ksh183, and Ksh183, respectively.

The cost of tuition at Embu University is Ksh42,000 per year, of which the first and second semesters cost Ksh23,000 and Ksh19,000, respectively.

A student studying law at UoN must budget Ksh221,850 annually. A mean grade of B is the required cluster point for students planning to pursue a legal education.


For those who desire to work in the health sciences, a bachelor of science in nursing is another valuable degree.

The typical grade for the lowest cluster point is C+.

The institution with the lowest tuition is the Catholic University of Eastern Africa (CUEA), which levies an annual fee of Ksh188,200. The most costly institution is Daystar University, which has an annual fee of Ksh340,000.Affordable tuition costs of Ksh229,450, Ksh251,700, Ksh275,400 are offered by St. Paul’s University, Presbyterian University, South Eastern Kenya University, and Pwani University, respectively.


At any of the universities that offer the degree programs, students who want to study electrical engineering and civil engineering must pay an average of Ksh300,000.

Cheaper Degree Programs at Multiple Universities

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